Your Guide To Fewer, Faster, More Focused Meetings

A Step-by-Step Guide To Transforming Your Meetings

This book is a wonderful tool for having more productive meetings and treating them like the asset generating vehicles they should be.

Erik Ostowski

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Skills You’ll Learn

  1. Listening - The capacity to be an excellent listener is fundamental to leading great meetings. Managing meeting flow and the collection of assets hinges on the capability of the meeting leader to be fully attentive
  2. Questioning - One of the single most important tools of any leader or communicator is the ability to ask good questions. A good question can refocus a conversation, expand our thinking and clarify uncertainties. In a meeting context, good questions are the most important tool in obtaining clarity, alignment and accountability. 
  3. Redirecting - Keeping attendees focused on producing results consistent with a meeting’s objectives and agenda is a vital responsibility of a meeting leader. This task can become challenging depending on the nature of the meeting content, attendee personalities and the natural inclination for stakeholders to veer off topic. 
  4. Summarizing - Summarizing is a skill that is rarely found in a resume or listed in a job description. It is not taught in business school or corporate training programs, but summarizing is a critical skill when it comes to meeting management. The ability to take a large sum of information and distill it (that is, clarify) into key themes, concepts, thoughts and ideas is essential.

About The Authors

BRYAN FIELD is a senior information technology executive and cofounder of MeetingResult LLC. He has more than sixteen years of experience in Software and Systems Development, IT Security, Business Process Reengineering and Web and Mobile Technology Implementations and has worked extensively in both the federal government and private sector. Before cofounding MeetingResult, Mr. Field built and led a sales organization for a defense contractor. He received his bachelor of science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and has been a certified project management professional (PMP) since 2005. 

PETER KIDD is a strategic project manager and corporate executive with twenty years of comprehensive knowledge within the Project Management, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning fields. Mr. Kidd has extensive experience managing enterprise transformation initiatives, most recently at Sodexo Inc. and Freddie Mac. He received his bachelor of science degree in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and is a certified project management professional (PMP). Mr. Kidd is also a formally trained executive coach, having received his professional training from Columbia University in New York. 

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